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Walking through Theoule sur Mer

A Week in the South of France

In September 2016, I visited the South of France for a week and had the most incredible time. It was the first holiday I’d been on with my partner and the first holiday I’d been on of this type (my travels before had included backpacking in Thailand and island hopping in Greece), and I still hold this as the best holiday I’ve ever had! We’re planning to revisit the south of France this year, and I cannot wait. So, here’s what we got up to on our first trip:

Paris, le Louvre

Day 1: Paris

To start off our trip, we took the Eurostar from London to Paris, and it was simply incredible. We spent the entire day wandering around, visiting the classic attractions such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower – I also stopped off at Laudrée to pick up a box of Blair Waldorf’s favourite macarons of course… We ate at the Michelin star restaurant Allard in the evening, which in all honesty, wasn’t worth the hype but was nice enough. The day was exhausting but so worthwhile and very romantic. We spent the night at an amazing hotel called Seven, which had the most amazing shower, a floating bed and the ceiling was lit up with tiny LED stars! Enjoying a bottle of French vino and a Nutella/Banana French crepe beneath the fake stars was possibly the highlight of my day – even if we were a little tipsy! Paris broke up the journey nicely and made the holiday seem so much longer and I would 100% recommend adding this stop to any trip to the south of France – especially as it’s perfect for those with a fear of flying as the Eurostar stays firmly on the ground.

The plane from Paris to Nice

Day 2: Theoule-sur-Mer

After a quick stop at Paris, we hopped on a plane to Nice and then took a leisurely drive to our villa in Theoulé-sur-Mer. I hadn’t heard of this area in the south of France before, but it was absolutely incredible and very peaceful. Our hotel was called La Cachette and was situated with views of the mountains on one side, and the stunning port on the other. The outdoor hot tub was a fantastic perk and gazed directly into the mountains, a perfect place to watch the sunset. With a few small stretches on quiet beaches, a local shop, post office and the restaurants, Theoule had all you could want from a relaxing holiday! There are four-five restaurants within the town, so we sampled some local pizza for our first night which was delicious and watched the magnificent sunset from the villa.

The sign for St Tropez in France

Day 3: St Tropez

We took a little trip to the well-known area of St. Tropez on day three, and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. It does look lovely, however, compared to Theoulé, it just didn’t appeal to me at all. We didn’t stay too long but did stay long enough to sip some magnificent icy cocktails at Sénéquier, where all the chairs are styled like red film director seats and you could gaze upon the multi-million-pound yachts in the harbour and dream about one day owning one of our own. After our sight-seeing tour, we headed back to Theoulé to sample some more fine food from the local restaurants before heading back to the hot tub.

Tropical plants near Cannes

Day 4: Cannes

Cannes really is as amazing as everyone says, we took a very long-winded walk from Theoulé to Cannes (well, we only made it to Bocca) which took around two hours. We then hopped on a bus at Bocca to take us into the centre of Cannes after stopping for a quick snack. From the vast array of designer shops to the long stretches of soft sand and interesting restaurants, there is so much to take in and explore! I love looking at the windows of designer shops dreaming of all the items I’ll never be able to buy and the windows here were rather show-stopping! The beaches in Cannes were not quite as inviting as those in Theoulé, mainly because they were far busier, but were still beautiful all the same. From Cannes, we hopped on a double-decker train back to our villa; the tracks run across the coast, so the views out the windows were a perfect way catch a glimpse of the rest of the beauty of the area.

The sunset in Nice

Day 5: Nice

Although we’d flown into Nice airport, we hadn’t explored there at all, so on day five, we decided to head into the city. Nice is full of beautiful architecture, street art and sights and we spent hours wandering around, fuelled on Nutella crepes and sunshine! In the evening we ate at a lovely Italian restaurant after watching the sunset, and enjoyed fresh pizza and cocktails before heading back to Theoulé.

The flag of Monaco

Day 6: Monaco

On day six we decided to venture a little further afield, driving out to Monaco. We spent most of the afternoon exploring, and wow, Monaco is a real beauty and you can really see the wealth from a mile away. My personal favourite was the Japanese gardens as they were so beautiful and relaxing. Before heading home, we got a little dressed up and took a trip to the Monte Carlo Casino, as you do! I played just three rounds of Roulette and won a grand total of €760! I honestly couldn’t even believe my luck (and in my shock, I forgot to cash in a €100 chip aaa). I quickly decided to spend my money on a pair of classic red Louboutins… which I still to this day have not worn. The casino itself is very impressive, although it’s a shame that the dress code doesn’t kick in until the evening. I still enjoyed myself dressed up with an espresso martini in hand and €660 richer! Lucky number four and 23. Monaco is beautiful but exhausting, almost everywhere you walk is sloped, but the architecture, designer shops and sunshine meant that you don’t even realise how far you’ve walked until you stop for a few minutes!

Views of Theoule sur Mer

Day 7: Cannes & Theoulé

Ok, so we stayed for a little longer than a week if you include the Paris stop… Day seven was a very relaxed day where we lounged by the beach and nipped into the sea for a little swim. We then headed back to Cannes for a few hours and headed to the par 3 golf course for a quick round in the sunshine and went back to down to settle down for another fine dinner in Theoulé (I wish I could remember exactly what I ate each night, I was very surprised to look back at my photos and not find images of everything I ate/drank.)

The evening in Theoule with champagne

Day 8: Theoulé

Day eight was our last full day in the south of France, so we decided to make the most of Theoulé-sur-Mer. We cooked lunch in our villa, sunbathed on the decking, headed to the beach and spent the day on a sun lounger eating banana splits and drinking mojitos in between dips in the sea. It was such a beautiful day (although we were incredibly sad that the holiday was over). In the evening, we went to a small local restaurant which was a little hidden from the other options, and the food was DELICIOUS. The ladies who ran the restaurant were lovely and made such an effort to ensure that everything was perfect. I remember the molten chocolate pudding I had for dessert being so gooey and indulgent, mmm. After that, we walked back up the hill to our villa to spend our last few moments in the hot tub with a glass of bubbles,  and it was a perfect end to a perfect holiday.

The next day we simply packed up and headed to the airport for our lunchtime flight. I can’t even express how much I enjoyed that (long) week, and am SO excited to return again this year. I’m in the process of planning a post on where I’d like to visit in the south of France (that I’ve not already mentioned), so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment! I’ve also started learning French again recently (I’ve not practised for nearly 10-years now), so I’m hoping to be able to show off some of my new skills on our next holiday!

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  1. Sounds like a great vacation and I’m with you if good food and drinks are involved. I always enjoy seeing places more off the beaten path and often just as lovely. Have been to Paris but didn’t get enough time there! So much to see everywhere!

  2. France is so beautiful and even though it is one of Germany’s neighbouring countries, I’ve only been to Paris so far. But this post really makes me want to go and explore more of it! Looks like you had an amazing vacation, I am really jealous 😀 S. xx

  3. That sounds like a lovely break and the hot tub sounds amazing.I’m sure the local people will really appreciate it if you show that you’ve been brushing up on your language skills 🙂

  4. This sounds incredibly luxurious! I’ve never had France too high on my list, but it’s moved up now! The hotel in Paris sounds lovely, and what luck at the Monte Carlo! I loved reading 🙂

  5. Ah, I live in Nice! I am glad you had such a well rounded trip, it seems like many tourists come here & just stay in Nice or Antibes when there are so many great small cities along the Riviera. I hope you enjoy your next trip!

  6. Love your super informative post. It’s great for planning seven days in South of France. I couldn’t do it on my last visit to Paris, so I have to go again 🙂

  7. I asolutely love the Provence Region in the South of France 🙂 I’ve visited Nice and Cannes on several trip before and I absolutely loved it. The weather is usually good and so is the French food. Thanks for bringing back my memories!

  8. France is one of bucket list dream locations! This was a great post, I really appreciated how you gave one location per day to truly spend time in and experience! Cheers!

  9. Sounds like an amazing trip! I went to France with my family when I was 10 years old. I don’t remember most of it so I hope to visit again someday. I would love to visit Paris again and visit Nice.

  10. Love your itinerary. I have done it more or less the same a while back 😊 I tremendously enjoyed driving along the coast and admiring the scenery… My all time favorite out of the places I visited has to be Monaco. It is so royal and exquisite 🙈

  11. The south of France is so beautiful! I can’t wait to spend some time travelling around the whole of France but I will definitely be making time to check out this area. Congratulations on your win! And on our Roulette – I only ever lose when I play Roulette haha 🙂

  12. How cute is it that Paris was included in you and your partner’s first trip together?!
    I’ll be honest, France has never really appealed to me much, but this trip seems amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever thought outside the Paris box, but I definitely should.

  13. omg this sounds absolutely perf for a week in france. I have gone around france, and travelled solely in paris and my absolute favourite was to go around a bit. You’ve given me a lot of places to think about going!

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