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Mumma K’s Magical Face & Body Coffee Scrub

Have you got dry skin, itchy skin, problematic skin, normal skin, combination skin or any other kind? This is THE perfect product; it has solved so many of my skin issues over the last 12-months that I would class it as a ‘miracle product’. It is a simple recipe for a coffee scrub, which can be used on your face and body. It’s exfoliating and moisturising and smells INCREDIBLE.

The inspiration for this came from a brand called Grounded; they sell a very similar coffee scrub to this in beautiful brown bags in Boots for £15. I love their product, and it is a perfect alternative if you don’t want to make it yourself. However, it is incredibly simple to make, and far cheaper! I think that if you pop the scrub into cute little jars with a label, they would make for perfect little gifts – perfect for a little pick me up for your friends and family! (My mum sends little packages of it to my flatmate and I, and we probably talk about how incredible it is nearly every single day.) Want to have a go for yourself? Here’s my mum’s (soon to be) famous recipe:

mumma k's coffee scrub ingredients pinterest

Coffee Scrub Ingredients:

50g Coffee Grounds

50g Brown Sugar

5ml Essential Oils (scent of your choice)

Naturally, there are an endless amount of options for each of these products, and it will entirely be based around personal preference. The last batch I made used 100g coffee grounds and 100g brown sugar and it made LOADS, so feel free to adjust the recipe to make smaller or larger quantities. If you’re interested to head which options we use to make our coffee scrub, keep on reading!

Pact coffee grounds for homemade coffee scrub

The Coffee

My mum gets a monthly subscription from Pact (which is delicious for any coffee drinkers out there) of freshly ground coffee. Some of this will be brewed into a tasty cup of energy, whilst others will be transformed into something a little different. The good thing about Pact is that they trade directly with coffee farmers to give them a fairer deal, and the coffee is roasted in London (which is just a few hours away) and delivered within seven days of being roasted. They’ve got a fantastic array of flavours to pick from and many options for ordering too. However, there are plenty of other wonderful companies to purchase your coffee grounds from, or alternatively, invest in whole beans and grind them yourself; try to pick somewhere local if you can to do your bit for the environment!

Co-op demerara sugar for homemade coffee scrub

The Sugar

I would love to give a big, bold story about where the sugar comes from, but mine definitely came straight off the shelves off the local Co-op. Mumma K recommends brown sugar, and the grain size is down to personal preference; obviously, the larger grains offer a rougher scrub.

Focus, a neals yard essential oil for homemade coffee scrubThe Oil

There are so many amazing oils available today that it is quite difficult to choose. My personal favourite is grapefruit oil, as it smells so fresh and delicious. The brand used is Neil’s Yard, which is all organic. I would definitely recommend experimenting with the flavours though; the last scent I tried was called ‘Focus’, and I wasn’t a massive fan. The citrus flavours are delicious, but you can add drops of different essential oils to create your own unique scent from something fruity to something festive!

oil being poured into coffee scrub

All of these ingredients are simply mixed together and stored in a waterproof, airtight container (or a Pact bag) for future use! You can divide the recipe into smaller portions, or times it by a million and make enough for all the world.

How to Apply

I like to put my coffee scrub on in the shower after washing my hair (usually while the conditioner works its magic). Applying the scrub to wet skin works best, then leave it for 2-15 minutes when possible, then simply wash away! I use this scrub 2-4 times a week on my face and once or twice on my body and find that keeps my skin fantastically hydrated. It’ll leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth, revitalised and moisturised! I really think that this is a miracle product, but there’s only one way you’ll be able to find out; try it yourself at home!

Mumma K's Coffee Scrub Header image

Let me know if you try out the recipe and which scents you opted for in the comments or via my social media channels!

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  1. I love coffee scrubs, and this recipe seems to be so simple! Do you use the ‘wet’ kind of brown sugar or the dry one? The wet one has a potent smell and the dry one feels like normal sugar and doesn’t smell like much.

    1. It is really simple! I use the dry sugar, the essential oils and coffee give it quite a strong scent as it is but I think you probably could use either depending on preference!

  2. This is so detailed… I plan to explore skin care products this year.. I have stayed away from products after a bad experience years ago…I’m gradually beginning to trust some brands again. Nice that this works for you

  3. I actually make my own coffee scrub at home, I love to mix in a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil, because it makes it so moisturizing and it feels incredible on skin. xx

  4. Thank you for such a detailed recipe! I usually put a but of honey in my DIY scrubs for a bit of extra hydration, but I had never thought to try essential oils before.

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