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A dirty set of spectrum collections brushes

Makeup Brush Cleaning Guide

Cleaning makeup brushes is probably one of my least favourite activities and I do it far less often than I really should. For years I’ve been talking about how someone should set up a makeup laundrette as it would be a game-changer for most gals. I’d love to set it up myself (despite my hate for actually doing it) but I’ve not yet figured out the logistics of quick turnaround times, insurance and all the rest of it, but maybe one day! Anyway, the point of this blog wasn’t to sell my business idea (Dragon’s Den I’m coming for ya), but to talk about how I clean my brushes in the most effective way I have found so far, without any technical tools or fancy products. Here goes…

P.s. All of my brushes are, of course, Spectrum Collections. They clean incredibly well and are just all-around wonderful, you can read all about my love for them here. Also, I’m yet to try their vegan brush soaps and will update this blog accordingly once they have been trialled.


Step 1:

To start off, I lay all my dirty brushes on a towel to assess the situation, run a sink full of hot as I can handle water and pop a flannel and my cleaning products out on the side so that I’m fully prepped. I’m currently loving the L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths shampoo for both my hair and my brushes, and I like to use a glove-style flannel.



Step 2:

To start, I dip the first brush in the hot water (usually working from the largest/dirtiest brushes to the smallest ones) and squeeze a splodge of cleaning product onto a damp flannel. Then I gently rub the wet brush over the flannel in a circular motion until the bristles look near clean. The rough, but soft, towelled texture is a game changer in brush cleaning for me and has removed even the most cakey foundation from my brushes; no need for fancy cleaning mats! The brushes are then rinsed in the hot water and under a running tap to ensure that all the suds are removed and the bristles are completely clean.


Side note: For extra tough makeup, I repeat this process twice and often leave the bristles to soak in shampoo goodness for a couple of minutes before the final rinse.



Step 3:

Next it’s dry-time. I like to gently buff the brushes onto a soft towel to remove the initial water residue and re-shape the brush. I saw the hairband hack pictured above on Twitter a few months ago and thought it was a fantastic idea for a make-shift drying station. Luckily we have a heated towel rail in our bathroom, which on a low heat is the perfect place to use this trick to dry the brushes in a fairly quick time. I usually leave them overnight just to ensure they’re completely dry. Et voila, that’s all!



Do you have any top makeup brush cleaning tips? I would LOVE to hear from you and anything that speeds up this process will make my life that little bit easier, so please pop your tips in the comments or hit me up on social media!


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