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l'oreal hydra genius

L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Review

I was browsing through Boots the other day on the hunt for some new Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish when I saw a new product on the shelves that peaked my interests. I’m a sucker for a new product; paired with the pretty packaging and promise of 72-hours of hydration I gave in to temptation and made a purchase. The bottle cost £9.99, which I don’t think is too bad for a moisturiser, and I got the concoction for Normal to Dry skin. It comes in a lovely-looking glass bottle that shade of bluey green you see in inspirational travel photos of the sea! So here’s what I thought of the product…

l'oreal hydra genius close up

First Impressions

Like I said, I loved the packaging and could already see how well the photos would turn out, so looks-wise, it’s a big thumbs up from me. I first used this straight out of the shower after I’d come in from a run and found it was very refreshing! It smells like aloe vera, and has the quite a watery texture that feels lovely and fresh on the face. I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed into the skin, leaving no sticky residue, just a soft and supple surface. Usually moisturisers can leave your face feeling a bit greasy for a while after, which I really can’t stand! I wouldn’t say my skin felt ‘instantly’ softer as promised (my cheeks are already surprisingly soft) but we’ll have to see what happens after a few days!

One Week On

I’ve been using this product morning and night for a week now and do you know what? I think it could be a new favourite of mine. After my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ran out my skin had a little breakdown, but within just two days of using that and the L’Oreal Hydra Genius my skin had settled and was feeling softer than ever! I love how quickly it dries without feeling tacky, and my foundation applies like a dream over the top, which is always a bonus. I’ve been pressuring a few of my friends to give it a try and have so far convinced two people that it’s a fab investment (L’Oreal, I think you should hire me as a sales rep, just sayin’). I do also think it’s make my skin softer in areas, especially around the edge of my nose and on my forehead; this surprised me quite a bit but if my skin continues to get better over the next few weeks I’ll be over the moon!

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad that I love this product and think it’s going to be perfect for the summer. I’d be interested to test out the other formulas too to find out what kind of differences they have. My skin is kind of a bit of everything, some parts are dry, some parts are oily, some parts are normal and others seem to combine them all, so I can never decide on which formula will be best for me at the time. I’ll keep you updated if I do take them for a test ride!

However, I did find that after a week or so I felt the need to put a thicker, creamier moisturiser on my face for a bit of a hydration hit. This is a great, light everyday moisturiser, but I still crave the lovely richness of some of my other products so it definitely isn’t an all-round solution, but definitely a keeper!

Have you tried this product or do you have any other moisturising favourites? Let me know in the comments or via social media, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. This sounds similar to the Clarins moisture surge, which has that gel/refreshing type formula. I was the same as you when I tried that I felt like I needed a little something extra after a few days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, always good to hear what others think.

  2. Maybe in the evening you’ll want something more rich if you need that extra bit of moisture, but it sounds like a good one for under make-up in the morning. I haven’t tried this so I was interested to find out what you thought about it. I don’t have a favourite moisturiser because I tend to try out different ones, At the moment I’m using Body Shop vitamin C glo boost moisturiser in the morning and a Madara one in the evening.

  3. Ohhh I’ve been so intrigued by this too so I’m glad you reviewed it! I really like the sound of it and that it sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. Good to know you still like to use a richer cream sometimes too so I’d still need to stick to my extra hydrating night cream!

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