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Liz Earle cleanser and polish

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser has been a staple in my beauty regime for nearly two years now. I still remember the first day I stumbled upon the Liz Earle counter for the first time in a Boots store in Exeter – having only really noticed it as I heard that there was a new counter coming to our Boots store in Barnstaple! I was on the hunt for some new foundation and the lovely lady offered to make-up my face for a trial of the Signature foundation, but before she did so, she used the Hot Cloth Cleanser to take off my current makeup, and I instantly loved it. Thus, began my love of Liz Earle. I’ve mentioned this in my Holy Grail Make-up & Skincare Products.

After this lovely little pampering experience (which included the use of a toner and moisturiser too), I opted to buy the full skincare kit, which was around £45 at the time, and the foundation (£21). The Cleanse and Polish is also available individually, from £10 for a mini to £28 for the largest bottle with a couple of cloths. I’ve always been a sucker for a skincare kit, it makes me feel like I’ve got my life together and that I really care for my skin. I have to admit, that after about two weeks, I’d ditched the toner having never been a massive fan of toners in general. However, my skin was pretty much transformed by the Hot Cloth Cleanser and makes taking my make-up off far easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

To start, I wet my face with a little bit of warm water, before spreading a single pump of product all over my face and gently massaging it in to remove all of my makeup. Then I run the hot tap and dampen the muslin cloth before wiping it over my face and repeating until my face both looks and feels as clean as possible. The cloth works as a wonderfully soft exfoliate, and you don’t need to work very hard to get rid of even the thickest of eyeliner and mascara due to the way the cleanser melts away your makeup. I just love it.

My skin is combination, with dry patches on my forehead and oiliness around my nose – nightmare I know. My cheeks are pretty normal, and my chin/nose area is the most spot-prone. This product worked wonders for me on all areas, but I know that skincare can be quite individual and there’s no one-product fit all. Having said that, I certainly think this one is worth a go!

Around a year in, I ran out of the product and simply never made it in-store to re-purchase another bottle, and noticed that within a month my skin was worse than ever. I’d not really considered that it was because I’d swapped back to a different cleanser until around three months later when my mum offered me a bottle that she’d been given as a free gift. Within less than a week, my skin was feeling SO much better, smoother, less dry patches, and barely any spots at all! It was quite a relief and certainly cemented my love for the product, and I swear to never run out again.

When buying the products, there’s the Original scent, which I do like, but there are also often special edition scents, which are released seasonally. My absolute all-time favourite is sweet orange and mint (as pictured), although I’m not sure if this is available to buy anymore… The latest edition is mimosa and angelica, and it is nice, but not really my cup of tea, unfortunately.

I truly do love the brand of Liz Earle, and their customer service is second to none. You can usually book in for free hand massages, facials and make-up sessions in-store, which is a lovely treat, and a great way to try out the products before making an investment. The lady in our local branch is called Jenna and is always wonderfully helpful with fantastic recommendations! I would certainly recommend discussing your skincare needs at a counter, as they always have great advice on the best products! I love their products and hope you will too!

Liz Earle favourites including bronzer, blush and a face mask

To pair with this product, I thought I’d also share a few of my other favourites from Liz Earle in terms of both skincare and make-up:

Liz Earle Superskin Overnight Mask £43

This mask is a little on the pricey side, and I was very lucky to receive it as a Christmas gift, but it does work wonders on dry skin in just one night! I try to use this two to three times a week, and all you need is a thin layer at bedtime to wake up to beautifully smooth skin!

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask £18

This is like a wonderful clay mask, which I like to apply with a foundation brush for finesse. After 10-15 minutes it dries, and you can wash it off with the handy sponge that comes with the product. This is fab for minimizing pores and to target any blemishes, a great mid-week treat!

Radiant Glow Bronzer £21

I LOVE this bronzer; it’s such a lovely subtle, warm colour for all-year around. I’ve had mine for nearly two years now, and it’s still going strong, so definitely worth the investment!

Healthy Glow Blush Powder (Coral) £17.50

I don’t often wear blush, but this is my go-to product for the times that I do, it’s very pigmented, so the tiniest amount of product goes a long way, and it blends out beautifully too!

This product has not been sponsored in any way, all thoughts and opinions are my own and completely unbiased.

Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser graphic

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  1. They seem like fabulous products! I have heard of the brand, but never tried it I must admit. Now I was wondering about the cloth: how long can you use the cloth and do you have to wash it after every use?

    1. They really are! I wash my cloth twice a week (well, I have two so I’ll use one for a few days drying it on the radiator in between then switch and wash them on a sunday) The cloths last for ages, although they do discolour a little but I’ve got some cloths that I’ve had for nearly two years and they’re still in good condition, just a little greyer than they were when new!

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