My Favourite Travel Bloggers

I was sitting here looking for inspiration on what to write my next travel related blog on, and I honestly have so many ideas that I just couldn’t settle on one! So, I thought I’d share with you all a list of my personal favourite travel bloggers, as they give me so much inspiration and motivation to continue. Here it is; my favourite travel bloggers in 2017!

The Opium Teahouse City guides page

Opium Teahouse 

Opium Teahouse is a blog run by two travellers named Diana and Edgar. I first discovered their blog when I saw #travchat trending on Twitter and one day got involved! Opium Teahouse is just one of the hosts and I love to hear about their stories and adventures both in the travel chat and on their blog, they’re incredibly friendly and supportive. Everything about their blog is simply beautiful from the writing to the images (and not to mention the videos)! This has certainly become one of my go-to blogs for travel inspiration so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for inspo!

Sticks and the City Homepage

Sticks and the City

If you’re in search of a UK travel blog, then head over to Sticks and the City. This blog is run by Monica, and she writes about her own personal travel experiences around the UK. As a film buff and travel enthusiast, her posts fill me with ideas for where next to visit that are a little closer to home and in every post, I learn something new about the UK. My favourite posts are those where she shares her favourite hidden secrets of places such as Cardiff and Bath with tried and tested personal recommendations and ideas!

Global Grasshoppers Homepage

Global Grasshoppers

Global Grasshoppers is a blog run by a team of eight (including owner Becky) and they offer such a fantastic range of guides and ideas, you could honestly get lost for hours on there! Whether you’re searching for a new travel gadget, your next must-visit destination or packing advice, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on Global Grasshoppers (with incredible images too)! I personally love that the pieces are written by a collection of writers as it means it’s a hub for information from a range of backgrounds and personalities – plus there’s loads of hidden gems off the beaten track that I would have never heard of without this blog!

Continental Connoisseur homepage

Continental Connoisseur

Continental Chloe of course had to make my top list, although a fairly new blogger, her posts are inspirational and I love the real personal element to each piece and every tweet. This blog has some great destination guides, travel tips and inspirational pieces that make me want to hop on a plane right away, and some of these have even been added to my ever-growing bucket list. This is one of the blogs I follow most religiously and am always excited to see that a fresh new post is up!

Mapping Megan's homepage
Mapping Megan

An adventure travel blog that will make anyone envious, Mapping Megan travels the world exploring some of the most extreme activities and incredible places around the globe, documenting them all in stunning photographs and videos. The husband and wife duo have been travelling together since 2010 (although the blog has been running since 2007) and offer a range of guides, stories and travel tips which I simply love! They’ve covered so many destinations that you’re sure to find the travel guide you need!

This is just a short list of some of my favourite travel bloggers, although my list could go on for a while, as there are so many fantastic writers out there. Who are your favourite travel bloggers? I’d love to hear a few more suggestions to take a read of!



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