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Essential Items for your Summer Suitcase 2017

Summer has finally arrived, and this fantastic season brings many exciting things, from holidays abroad too long weekends, beautiful sunsets (and my birthday!) As we’ve just enjoyed a marvellous heat wave, everyone seems to be in good spirits and eagerly awaiting their next holiday, so I’ve decided to compile a list of a few summer suitcase essentials every gal needs for 2017:


Having been gifted a Sunny Life Australia inflatable lilo for Christmas this year; I was thrilled to pack this bad boy into my suitcase on my last holiday to Puglia this June. Having booked a beautiful villa with a private pool, there was no better opportunity to take the melon for a test drive! Lilos are fantastic for many reasons; they are the perfect way to sunbathe, particularly when drifting around a pool, you look as if you’ve just stepped onto an Instagram photo shoot no matter where you are, and this year they seem to be the hottest trend! With shapes available including flamingos, unicorns, pizza slices, avocados and even lobsters, there really is a lilo to suit every personality! Don’t forget to pick up an inflatable drink holder too, meaning you can be sipping in the sun with ultimate ease.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are an absolute lifesaver for long journeys, particularly for those who don’t like flying! You’d be amazed at quite how much noise is blocked out, even without any music playing. These were particularly handy on my last flight, where five babies were having a terrible time and making quite a racket. With a summer Spotify playlist, or my favourite Netflix series playing, the journey passes by in no time at all! I have a pair of AKG N60NC which retail for around £230.00, and they are fantastic and fold away easily into a cute little pouch.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

It is a well-known fact that moisturising and exfoliating are two of the best ways to keep your tan, and there is not much that is better than the St Ives Apricot Scrub. I’ve been using this for around 10 years now, and it is an absolute go-to product for problematic or dry skin. The smell is wonderful as the scrub itself is made from apricot kernels (no pesky plastic microbeads polluting the water) and really does an incredible job. They’ve even brought out a miniature version recently in Superdrug and Sainsburys, which is perfect for holidays and a bargain at just £1.99!

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Lotion

This moisturiser is probably the best one I have ever used and budget friendly too. It’s light, absorbs quickly and comes in a variety of delicious flavours (my personal favourite is Mango). Although people are always telling me that body lotion is not to be used on the face, but I use it every day and it has made a massive improvement to my skin! I’ve always had very dry skin on my legs, and it vanishes within just a few days of using this product- a miracle some might say. I also love the Garnier Summer Body Lotion as a gradual tanning moisturiser, it smells like peaches when you first put it on which is fab, and is very moisturising too (it does annoyingly gain the classic biscuity smell after a while, however).

Invisibobble Hairbands

I first discovered Invisibobble hair band whilst working at my local Boots branch and have never looked back. These hairbands will ensure that your high pony stays all day, and when you take it down? No kinks! They are a fab alternative to a classic hairband, although a little pricy. I recently bought some Primark dupes for £1.00 however, and so far they work just as well as the branded version, a holiday essential!

Signature Sunglasses

What is summer without a good pair of sunglasses (or two, three, four)? I am a sucker for losing all of my favourite sunglasses, for example, last year I had the most beautiful rose gold pair of French Connection sunnies, and where are they now? Goodness only knows! My favourite pair this year has been a pair of cat eye style sunglasses that were an absolute bargain at Boots for just £10. They’re flattering to the face (and is the same style I’ve been buying for about 4 years now), but I do have my eye on a similar pair of Ray Bans, I just can’t bring myself to invest in case I lose them again!

Tie Waist Trousers

Another top trend this season is a pair of tie waist trousers, I have invested in these in a range of colours as they are so versatile and can be worn for work or on holiday. I initially bought them along as a plane outfit, something comfortable but that still looked nice, however, they are perfect for the cooler evenings (or if you get a nasty sunburn on your legs.) The pairs I have came from ASOS and River Island, and I love them all.

I’d love to hear a few of your summer suitcase essentials for 2017!

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