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Dior Foundation Cover Image

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation Review

Having been on the hunt for the perfect foundation for almost 10-years now, I decided to splurge on something a little more high-end. If you’ve read my Holy-Grail Beauty Products blog, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the Rimmel foundations, and they’re my number one go-to brand for foundations. I have tried a few slightly pricier products over the years such as the Liz Earle Signature Foundation, and Benefit Oxygen WOW, but have never felt that they warranted the £20+ price tag. Yes, they are good, but they are at the same level as my £8.99 Rimmel foundations too.

Dior original packaging

I received a sample of the new Dior Forever Undercover Foundation through the Glamour Beauty Club, but it was FAR, FAR too dark and orange for my skin. I tried it out none-the-less and tried to look past the tangerine finish to see the quality of the product. First of all, I loved the scent; it was fresh and light without being overpowering. Secondly, it made my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth, not tacky or sticky like some products I’ve used. Despite the poor colour match, I decided that I did actually quite like the product and considered purchasing the full product for a good few weeks before I actually placed my order.

Dior Packaging Two

On one of my many trips to the airport during my time flying between home and uni, I tested out a few other shades of this foundation before settling on 010 Ivory, which I think is possibly the palest option available (it isn’t very pale for any pale people reading this, sorry!) After that, I actually decided to order directly from the Dior website. They offer free delivery, and when I was putting my order through I even got to pick a few freebie samples – always a perk!

Dior Foundation Box

Now, I was unsure if my order had gone through as I never received a confirmation email, but never really followed it up and I was super busy with the delights of my dissertation. A week or so later, a deliveryman knocked on my door with a little box and I was SO excited that it had arrived. I unboxed it immediately and was overjoyed with how pretty the luxury packaging was; this is no high-street beauty experience. Unwrapping aside, when I tested a little of the foundation on my hand I had a dreaded feeling that this foundation was also a little too dark. When I put on a full face of makeup the colour seemed to match well enough, not perfectly, but once the summer months gift my skin a teeny bit of a tan it should be perfect.

Dior with bag

The product itself says that it is a 24-hour full coverage fluid foundation, and the coverage is ok, but I would say it is more medium than full. I actually prefer a medium coverage foundation, so it worked well for me. I didn’t find that any of the primers I have already worked well underneath this, it’s much better when blended directly onto moisturised skin (I use the Garnier Hydra Genius underneath). It blends into the skin in a very natural way, and all the other powder products I used on top gave a wonderful finish.

Dior foundation and packaging with nails

My main criticism of this product is the lack of SPF, particularly with the sunny spells we’ve had recently! This has meant that I’ve had to add a layer of sun cream into my morning routine for my face for protection. It gives quite a dewy glow to the product and a very natural, fresh finish, rather than the rather matte finish the foundation offers without, which I don’t actually mind on a sunny day!

Selfie wearing dior foundation

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase, the packaging certainly made me feel extra special and set me off to try the product in a VERY good mood. I love the finish, the scent and the texture; I’ve been using it for around two months now and would definitely buy again. I’m still not sure that it’s THE dream foundation product, although I’m holding out for peak summer to give my verdict as I think that this could be the perfect summer foundation. I’ll keep you updated over the next few months!

What’s your favourite foundation? I’d love some recommendations on the products to test out next!

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