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The Airshot from Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Hairdryer Review: The Airshot

For Christmas last year I was very lucky to have been gifted a Cloud 9 The Airshot hairdryer from my mum. Although I wasn’t in desperate need of a hairdryer (or at least I didn’t think I was), I was very happy to be swapping my 5+-year-old hairdryer for something newer. My sister has a set of Cloud 9 hair straighteners, and I love them, they’re the same kind of quality that I’d expect from GHD’s and look lovely, so I was excited to try out this new hairdryer! I’ve had this review half-written for a number of months now, but after two of my friends asked for my honest thoughts on this product, I thought that it was about time that I finished it up!


The hairdryer came in some very lovely packaging. I was given this gift in the original Cloud 9 bag, which then contained a box covered by a cardboard sleeve. The box is very sleek and sophisticated, with a handy flip-top lid, with the teal-coloured logo embossed on the top. Then the hairdryer and two nozzles were neatly presented within the box on a sort of faux-velvet coated plastic. The presentation is lovely made the whole unboxing experience very exciting!

first impressions of the airship hairdryer

First Impressions

The hairdryer itself is surprisingly light, and it looks simple but modern. The matt black finish helps it to look a little high-end, and the selection of two nozzles are great, well, a 75mm nozzle and a diffuser. In terms of drying time, compared to my old hairdryer this definitely cut it in half! I started off using the hair dryer without any nozzles because I’d never really used one before. However, after a few days, I decided to give the 75mm one a try to see how it affected the results, and it turns out it makes a MASSIVE difference! It gives a lovely shiny, soft finish to my hair and doesn’t create any static or frizz and helps you to style while you dry. I found that without the nozzle the air was creating a few knots in my hair, which was pretty frustrating, but changing things up has changed EVERYTHING.

Cloud 9 the airship unboxing

Final Thoughts

9.5/10; WOULD recommend.

I’ve been using this hairdryer for more than 6-months now, and I really do LOVE it. I love the way it looks, the time in which it takes to dry my hair and the way it leaves my hair feeling. It does have a salon price tag, but it definitely worthwhile if the morning routine of drying your hair leaves you feeling fed up because of how long it typically takes!

Also, our local salons are always running offers of free gifts (at the moment it’s a sunhat), money off, and a discount if you trade in an old pair of GHD’s too! Plus, if you’re a student, UNiDAYS gets you 15% off!

I like to use my hairdryer in conjunction with the Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion, which I discovered YEARS ago and smells divine, (which reminds me I desperately need to order some more) and the L’Oréal Studio Pro Ultra Smoothing Cream to help with any tangles!

Next on my list of things I want to buy is a pair of Cloud 9 straighteners, a curling/waving wand and The O Ultimate Set, because I have ALWAYS wanted to try out heated rollers and who doesn’t love to have a matching set of everything?!

Have you tried out any of the Cloud 9 products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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