Packing Guide: New York

New York skyline from a birdeye view

For Christmas of 2016, I received an incredible present; a trip to New York! When I unwrapped an apple, I have to admit, a was a little confused, but when I saw the flight confirmation, my eyes started to water. One of my best friends from uni had moved to the Big City in June of 2016 and ever since it had been one of my top must-visit places, so my better half had certainly done well on that gift. He had even arranged for us to go and see my friend (cutie)! The trip was booked for late February, and obviously the first thing I Googled was ‘what to pack for New York’, and I have to admit, I found it difficult to find a good packing list! So here I’ve decided to share with you what I packed (and what I wished I had packed) for a 5-day trip to New York.

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