A Brick-tastic Trip: LEGOLAND Windsor Review

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited along to a mid-week break to LEGOLAND with my boyfriend and his little boy. Having never been before, I was genuinely buzzing to go, especially as we were staying in one of the LEGOLAND hotels and the weather was B E A U T I F U L that week. Here’s what we got up to on our little trip and what I thought of the theme park.

london at LEGOLAND


We arrived at LEGOLAND at around 11am and headed straight to MINILAND. I have to say, this was my absolute favourite part and is really amazing to see. From the Hollywood sign to the Japanese gardens, Sydney Opera House and scenes of London City, everything is AWESOME! The detail in each building is just incredible, and most regions also had a moving part, whether that was a LEGO tube train or a fire engine. I could have spent hours wandering round in MINILAND; there’s so much to see, and it’s all in surprisingly good condition considering the awful weather we had earlier in the year. Having been away on some amazing trips over the last couple of years to places like Paris, New York and France, I loved picking out the replicas of the things we’d seen the full-sized versions of! 

Polar bear and camping


LEGO City is full of fun little activities for the kids; the LEGO City Driving School is hilarious, if only they let the adults loose in there too! At Coastguard HQ you get to ride around on (a pretty slow, but enjoyable) boat ride where LEGO statues are dotted around the shores (like the polar bear above), and there’s a LEGO fisherman catching a shark in the water! The trickiest attraction though is definitely the Fire Academy. There is NO way that kids could do this alone, between two of us adults, pumping the engine towards the fire had me absolutely knackered in about 0.5 seconds, then we had to pump the water and make it all the way back and by the end I felt like I’d done a full-body workout, it’s a no from me.



I’d not really heard much about NINJAGO, other than Coen (the little boy) chatting about his ‘Golden Spinjitzu Master’ non-stop for a weekend so wasn’t really sure what to expect from this. The LEGO sculptures here were really cool; there were Japanese temples and dragons dotted around which again were incredible. The main part of NINJAGO World is the Ninjago Ride, where you get to throw discs at the baddies and top up your points… I honestly have no idea how this ride worked, I was just throwing my arms about hoping for the best, and I didn’t do too well, but it was pretty funny… My boyfriend thinks he got ‘the highest score they had ever seen’ and made it to the top of the leaderboard on one day, but whatever, it’s just a kid’s ride.

Money treasure chest

The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

We stayed in the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel for one night, and it was actually pretty cool. We had an adventure room, with a bunk bed in a little, slightly separate area, then a double bed in the main room and there were lots of LEGO sculptures on the walls to keep you entertained. For the child of the room, there was a good little code to crack to get into the locked treasure chest that had a little gift in, which was a nice idea!

The bed was pretty comfy, and there were a couple of TVs, a bath/shower, tea making facilities and a box of LEGO to play with. The hotel also had a little swimming pool called Pirate Splash, which was good fun, although a little busy, and a LEGO Lounge where you could build something to enter into the daily competition. All in all, the hotel facilities were pretty good, there’s a bar, lots of evening entertainment (we watched a magician) and the room was pretty good too! It’s not the fanciest hotel ever, but for kids it’s perfect. It was described as ‘the best hotel ever’ by Coen when we left!

coen at the back of legoland resort

Bricks Restaurant

I don’t really have all too much to say on the Bricks restaurant… It had a good variety of buffet food but wasn’t exactly top dining. I can see why they do it this way, but I would probably head over to The Tournament Tavern at The Castle Hotel next time, as the menu and the food looked WAY better there. We had dinner and breakfast there, and it was all edible, but not really memorable. That said I am an absolute foodie and people are always saying I’m a bit too much of a harsh critic. 

I loved LEGOLAND, even though it was a little more catered for younger kids than I had first imagined. We didn’t quite make it onto all the rides, I was pretty disappointed that the Atlantis Submarine Voyage was closed on the two-days that we were there, but overall, we really did have a fab time! We did one full day in the park and then another morning, and covered most of it, although we went mid-week, so it was pretty quiet, and we didn’t really have to queue for much! There are SO many amazing things to see, even the gift shop is an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend taking a trip!

Have you been to LEGOLAND? What was your favourite part? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on social media!

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