8 Reasons Why Finland is my Latest Travel Obsession

Whilst having a browse through Pinterest the other day, I discovered a post about something else which has long been on my travel bucket list, to stay in a glass igloo in Finland! I have to admit, as much as I’ve lusted over visiting this magical haven, I’d never actually done any research into the things to do there and prices. Then I stumbled upon this very inspirational blog (with incredible photos!) by We Are Travel Girls, you can read about their experiences here, it’s worth a read, trust me. I have to admit, I’ve never wanted to get up and go somewhere as much as I did having read this piece. In fact, I grabbed my laptop immediately and began to research all the things discussed further! Having read a little more about Finland, here are just 8 of the reasons why it has become my latest travel obsession:

Alt: Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

1. The Glass Igloo Dream

So, the glass igloos have always been on my bucket list. Just imagine sleeping under the stars, watching the natural beauty of the Northern Lights and drifting off to sleep in possibly the most magical place in the world. The igloos look picture perfect, and I imagine offer a truly unique experience that you really couldn’t get anywhere else in the world! Just take a look at the photos and you’ll be left in awe.

A wooden sledge in the snow

2. Sledging

This one might be a slightly childish reason, but I watched a video of a very candid couple visiting the Kakslauttanen Arctic Village and heading off down a mountain covered in a thick sheet of snow and it made my inner child jump right out! I’ve never really experienced proper snow, just the rubbishy excuse that we experience here in England, and some not-very-snowy snow on my last ski trip to France, and I really would LOVE to go sledging on that mountain.

Snowmobile in Finland

3. Snow Mobile Safaris

I’ve ridden a quad bike and ridden a jet ski, so next on my list is naturally a snow mobile, and why not take it for a test drive on a safari in Finland?! The safari looks like a once in a lifetime experience, with a stop off for some tea or even a chance to cook lunch on a roaring fire, it sounds like a true adventure!

a smoke sauna in Finland

4. Smoke Saunas

Until recently on a spa weekend, I wasn’t a big fan of saunas as I find they make it a little hard to breathe. However, at my spa weekend my opinion changed and the thought of a steamy hot sauna in the centre of an ice haven sounds like a dream come true! I have to admit, my only problem with this type of holiday is that I’m not a massive fan of the cold… With a sauna at my disposal though, I think I’ll cope!

An icy lake in Finland for swimming

5. Ice Swimming

This sounds like an interesting idea to me, however, when I read “don’t worry if it’s frozen over, we’ll simply cut a hole in for you” I was a little concerned. Surely it is far too cold to swim in? Apparently not, and although I’m not sure I believe them, I still want to have a go and swim beneath the ice! Imagine going diving there!

Skiing on a mountain in Finland

6. The Skiing

I’ve only ever been skiing once, and lets face it, I wasn’t very good at it. My hand-eye coordination has never been fantastic, neither has my balance and this leads me to being very clumsy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it and wish that I was good. The skiing in Finland looks ridiculous, particularly at Saariselkä, one of the best cross-country skiing destinations in the world, the 200km track and 30 kilometres of illumination, I would LOVE to have a lesson here.

The Ice Hotel in Finland

7. The Arctic Snow Hotel

On my ski trip to France, we visited an amazing igloo for a not-so-amazing party; the vibe might have been dull but the surroundings and sculptures were so very beautiful. The Artic Snow Hotel is on another level however, and looks like an absolute palace! You can even rent a room here, and apparantly you won’t freeze to death either! Everything is illuminated with vibrant lights, bringing out the strong ice patterns and really giving the whole place a life of its own!

The Northern Lights over a mountain in Norway

8. The Northern Lights

I’m not sure why I’ve left this until last, as the Northern Lights was the original reason that I first fell in love with the thought of Finland. If you’ve ever seen the film ‘Brother Bear’ you’ll know that the Northern Lights is probably the most magical thing ever to have happened, and I would very much like to experience this for myself! I realise that I’m comparing a real life experience to a cartoon film about a bear, but it really is a fantastic film with wonderful annimation, and it has set my expectations high! I’ve heard that you can sometimes see the Northern Lights from Scotland, but I can’t imagine that it will be quite as unqiue as seeing them from a glass igloo in Finland…

Have you ever visited Finland, or dreamed of visiting? Let me know in the comments or on social media!


Images: Clément Belleudy and Tarja Mitrovic


10 Replies to “8 Reasons Why Finland is my Latest Travel Obsession”

  1. So now you have made me want to stay in a glass igloo! I have been to Finland, (we did the whole Lapland thing with our sons a few years ago) and it was honestly one of the most beautiful and magical places Iv been. We stayed in a wooden lodge, in a place that was supposed to be good to see the Northern Lights, which we did see, for about 2 seconds before cloud covered them. Its a beautiful place and you must get there xxx

  2. Because you always save the best until last!
    I would love to stay in an igloo and look up at the stars, this place is 100% on my bucket list

  3. I would love to stay once in the igloo hotel and sleep on the ice beds. It is also on my bucket list. I only visited Helsinki on our way back from Asia when a typhoon delayed all the flight. Thanks to that we had to stay overnight in Helsinki

  4. This has always been on my bucketlist because I would love to sleep under the stars in an Igloo and watch a spectacular Northern Lights show that looks so breathtaking.

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