5 Reasons You Need To Invest In Spectrum Brushes

I’ve wanted to write a blog on my favourite brush brand to ever have existed for a while now, and I can’t believe I’ve only just gotten around to it! For anyone who knows me personally, or has seen my Twitter account, you’ll probably know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with a brand called Spectrum. For those of you who don’t know (HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING?!) they’re a vegan, cruelty free brush brand who sell the prettiest makeup utensils I have ever seen. Everything about them is amazing, from their customer service to the quality and aesthetic. I first discovered the brand when I received a Pink Strong Finish, AO4 Tapered Finishing brush in one of my monthly Birchboxes, and a few days later, a full set was the top of my Christmas list and I’ve never looked back! Here are just 5 (of around 1000) reasons why you too need to invest:

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1. They are the most Instagrammable products ever

As I mentioned before, these brushes are beyond beautiful. They come in a wide selection of colours (my current favourite is the Bomb Shell collection) to suit a wide range of personalities, occasions and moods. Even if you aren’t a good photographer, these brushes basically create the photograph for you, particularly if you have a set with one of the dreamy cases! I’m sure I read that the Instagramability of the brushes was what initially make them such a hit, and I can certainly see why! Check out their Instagram (@spectrumcollections) and you too will be in brush-envy heaven.

A selection of brushes in a copper basket

2. They have changed my makeup application forever

Having used cheap makeup brushes when I first started out with makeup, I never knew how much the brush quality would effect the final look. When I upgraded my brushes to a selection of Body Shop and Real Techniques, I immediately saw a difference in the way it applied to my skin and how long it lasted. Then when I discovered Spectrum brushes, I had found perfection. I love the In The Buff B01 Flat Top Buffer brush for applying foundation and will probably never use anything else! It gives such a glowy, even finish, and because of the softness, it feels so lovely on my face. Having the right tools for your makeup certainly makes a difference, and the selections of brushes available from spectrum mean that you’ll have something for every job.

beautiful Spectrum brushes in a copper basket

3. They are the easiest brushes to clean

I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes these brushes so easy to clean, possibly the synthetic fibres, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Having spent HOURS cleaning each individual brush before, my entire collection of Spectrum brushes seems to wash up perfectly in around half an hour. The foundation brush is obviously the tough one, but even this seems to clean up well. I’m definitely going to invest in some of the Mermaid Tail Scrub (brush soap) in my next order as from what I’ve read; this is going to make the cleaning process even easier!

The Spectrum Glam Clam Case

4. The storage cases are ADORABLE

Who wouldn’t want a clam shaped bag to hold their makeup brushes? The cases are divine, and very handy! It helps me to keep my makeup station in order and is perfect for travelling. I hate nothing more than having to rummage around in a bag to find the brush I need, so this makes everything easier.

If you’ve not heard, they’ve even just launched a new collection in collaboration with Mean Girls, and the case is “so fetch”; it’s a BURN BOOK! All of the brushes have cute little phrases on such as “You can’t sit with us” and other throwbacks to our favourite childhood film and when stored in a real life burn book, it’s any 00s girls dream! They shared snippets of the launch event on their Instagram and it looked like a small section of paradise.

A screenshot from the Spectrum instagram

5. Everything about their brand is inspiring

My final reason to buy the brushes is less about the products and more about the brand itself. I’ve read many stories about the two women (Sophie and Hannah) who set the company up and how they came to be where they are today and I find them very inspirational, particularly when they’ve created such an incredible range of products! The screenshot above is just a sneek peak of how AMAZING their Instagram is, so be sure to check them out @spectrumcollections. Having started from their garage in Barry, Wales, they’ve made a massive entrance to the industry and I don’t think they’ll be going away any time soon! The products are all cruelty free and vegan too which seems to be a rarity in today’s beauty industry! Even after the terrible things that have happened over the last few weeks (check out their blog if you’ve not already heard) the girls are still up and fighting for their brand! The first time Spectrum ever retweeted me and replied I had a proper fan girl moment and sent the screenshot to all my family members and friends because I was so happy! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!

The other fantastic piece of news is that they’re now on boots.com (and I believe in select Boots stores)! Have you tried Spectrum brushes yet? Which is your favourite collection? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Screenshot images from @spectrumcollections/Instagram.

6 Replies to “5 Reasons You Need To Invest In Spectrum Brushes”

  1. You pretty much have me converted to Spectrum! Especially about the cleaning, that is such a pain with my brushes. Someone needs to set up a make-up brush cleaning place! xoxo

  2. Shan, these brushes are gorgeous! As someone who wears minimal make up on a daily basis, there are some occasions where I love getting “dolled up” – these would be perfect for those occasions. I love their pastel color concept too!

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