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My 3-Month Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

If you read my recent post on Slow Fashion, you’ll know that the topic greatly interests me and that I have been trying to make some changes for the better with my shopping and clothing habits. (If you want to know why then head back to the Slow Fashion blog and you’ll find the large majority of my reasons). Anyway, having found several inspirational bloggers and a ton of pins on Pinterest discussing the benefits of building a capsule wardrobe I’ve decided to give it a go from the next season (autumn). If you’re curious about what a capsule wardrobe is, why I’m building one or have any questions, then hopefully this piece will answer a few of them. You can also check out my Pinterest board dedicated to the challenge here; this is where I’ve done a lot of my research and found some fab inspiration.

My Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Graphic

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The term originally came from the owner of a London boutique in the 70s called Susie Faux. She suggests that a capsule wardrobe is a selection of essential garments that don’t go out of style, staple or classic garments if you will. The kind of capsule wardrobe I’m talking about is slightly different, a seasonal capsule wardrobe. This means I’ll be selecting a number of items for the season and only wearing those X amount of clothes – no buying anything new until the new season begins! These items can be mixed and matched to my heart’s content, and the only exception to the no-buy rule is if an item breaks or becomes too worn when it can be replaced.

What are the benefits of having a seasonal capsule wardrobe?

Having not actually done this yet myself, I am dubious of how these benefits will come into play. However, I have heard that there are a plethora of benefits, just a few of these include:

  • You’ll save money from not buying clothing every other day.
  • You’ll be helping the slow fashion movement and shopping more consciously for the new season.
  • You’ll cut down the time you spend picking outfits.
  • You’ll love and appreciate the clothes you do own so much more.
  • You’ll find your own sense of style and learn a lot about yourself.
  • You’ll find it easier to keep your wardrobe organised and tidy with no unworn items hiding your favourite things.
  • You’ll look forward to changing up your look with each new season and see shopping as more of a treat than an everyday task.

Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Rules:

So, the rules are pretty flexible, but here is the general gist of what I’ve read, and what I’ll be following. The capsule wardrobes range from as low as 15 items to around 40. As this is my first capsule attempt, I’ve gone for the higher end of the scale:

  • Select up to 40 items for your capsule.
  • Your 40 items includes tops, bottoms, jackets, scarves and shoes.
  • Your 40 items does NOT include underwear, socks, tights, sportswear and accessories.
  • Anything that you need to buy new should be bought BEFORE the start of the new season.
  • You must not buy anything new during the current season unless an item of your capsule breaks or is deemed un-wearable or if it is for the new season and follows the next rule.
  • You can begin buying for the new season three weeks before it starts.

How to start your seasonal capsule wardrobe:

So, to start, I’ll be emptying my entire wardrobe and lying each item on the floor so that I can see what I own. Then I’ll be getting rid of everything that I’ve not worn in more than 3 months and any clothes which I don’t actually like. Then it’s time to get to work on what is left.

I’ve been told that the best way to start building your capsule wardrobe is with a base colour of navy or black. As these are two colours that make up the vast majority of my current wardrobe, I’m selecting both! Then the next step is to add items that are white, and garments in an accent colour. This is meant to make it easier to mix and match your outfits, as all the colours should go together. I know that it is said to be a fashion rule never to wear navy and black together but I disagree!

Currently, I think my accent colour will be millennial pink – I don’t wear a lot of colour as it is but I do own a few pieces in that shade that could be staple items. But, autumn is still a little while away so I may change my mind in the next few weeks!

Once all of my clothes are sorted, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the three-week shopping period where I can build my wardrobe up to the 40-item maximum for the season ahead (three-months). I can’t wait to have an excuse to go on a nice shopping trip, especially when I know that it is for an exciting project such as this. I’m hoping to try and shop as ethically and sustainably as possible to fit with slow fashion, but we will see how it goes.

If you’d like to keep up with my progress, I’ll be posting updates (hopefully) on a two-weekly basis and will show you what’s in my capsule and how I’m getting on. I’m super excited to start, although very nervous. As a self-confessed ASOS addict and I’m going to have to find something else to fill my time with so it really will be a challenge, but if it makes my life easier and lands me with more money at the end of the month it will have all been worth it!

My new challenge will begin on Friday 22nd September, and end on Thursday 21st December! Let me know if you’ve got any questions or if you would be interested in taking part in a seasonal capsule wardrobe challenge!

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  1. I love this idea! I might not try the whole thing myself, but I am planning on not buying any more clothes in the next few months, and am going to do another thorough cut down of the clothes currently in my wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing how you get on!

  2. This is such a great idea and I would love to try this myself! Please give us an update when you are done! Best of luck hun xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness I’ve always wanted to create a capsule wardrobe! It’s something my mum used to go on about when I used to buy tonnes of clothes! I’ll definitely be following along as you create yours, I can’t wait to see how you do it!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  4. Such an interesting post and brilliant idea! Hopefully it works out for you, you should definitely keep us updated! Might even try it myself

  5. This is so interesting! Iv never done the capsule wardrobe thing, but it really appeals to me. I will go ad find your Pinterest board too to help me. Great post!

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