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24-Hours in Paris

If you’ve not already been to Paris, I would recommend adding it to the top of your bucket list, even if you only visit for 24-hours. It’s a truly incredible destination that is most well-known for the Eiffel Tower. However, there is so much more waiting to be discovered just beyond the surface that makes it such a spectacular destination. I have to admit, I have only visited once, for just 24-hours, hence the theme of this post. I’ve got a second trip planned for July this year, and in anticipation have been meticulously researching all of the hidden gems and secret attractions to add to my list. My first trip was incredible, but this time I really want to make the most of everything possible. So, here’s my guide to 24-hours in Paris!

French breakfast with coffee and croissants

Breakfast on French Pastries

At some point in your 24-hour trip, you simply have to enjoy some fine French pastries. Local bakeries can be found all over the city and are perfectly paired with some fresh coffee. Dine in or takeaway, this is an absolute must.

The Louvre in Paris

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre is the largest art museum in the world, located in Paris, and is filled with beautifully historic masterpieces. The architecture of the Louvre Palace surrounding the museum alone is awe-inspiring, and taking a tour inside the precious glass pyramid is certainly worthwhile. Here you can battle your way through crowds to see the real Mona Lisa smile, explore ancient winding staircases and take a peek into the artistic past with works from across the globe.

Perfume from Le Grand Musée du Parfum

Le Grand Musée du Parfum

This museum sounds phenomenal, and I cannot wait to visit for myself! The multi-sensory experience has been created to help visitors learn more about the function of smell, increasing your appreciation for fine perfumes. From interactive exhibits to fascinating history, Le Grand Musée du Parfum is encased within stunning floral covered grounds, creating an incredible aromatic experience indoors and out.

Laduree cake counter


Any Gossip Girl fans will know of this luxury bakery as the place that Chuck Bass went to buy Blair’s favourite macarons to win back her love and affection. These macarons are incredible (although I’m not sure they’re quite enough to forgive his multitude of sins, but that’s another story), you can buy them individually or in self-selected boxes and are the perfect sweet treat. Ladurée also sell a plethora of other stunning patisserie products and one look at the cake counter will have you mesmerised!Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

There are so many stunning gardens in Paris, which are the perfect place to visit on a sunny day! Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the most popular, with 25-hectares of beauty, pony rides, pedal carts, giant chess games and ice-cream stands, it may sound like a children’s haven, but it’ll thrill adults all the same!  A man making a crepe in Paris

Eat a French Crepe

Ok, so I realise that a number of these things to do revolve around food… but the food in France is SO good. I’d eat a French crepe for a mid-afternoon or evening snack – the best one I had was filled with Nutella and fresh banana, eaten after a few bottles of wine at around 10.30pm! The simplicity of a French crepe needs no more explanation; you’ll just have to try it for yourself! a glass of red wine

Fine Wine

France is synonymous with fine wine; therefore, you must drink wine when in Paris. Head to one of the many gorgeous rooftop bars to enjoy a tipple with a panoramic view, or, do as I did and take a bottle back to your hotel and open it with a key and toothbrush if you don’t have a bottle opener!

Unfortunately, the last time we visited the two restaurants we chose to eat at weren’t anything remarkable (despite one having a prestigious Michelin star), if I find any fantastic restaurants this time I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Have you ever been to Paris? What would you recommend seeing? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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