5 Ways to Keep Fit on Holiday

A woman practising yoga in an infinity pool

I’d just like to start this post by saying that I am by no means saying that you shouldn’t be able to take a break on holiday. But, speaking from experience and from the stories of all my friends, one of the biggest disappointments about their holidays is coming home to find out they’ve piled on the pounds on their recent trip. Now, we all deserve a treat on holiday, but there are a few simple routines or exercises you can get into whilst you’re away to keep up your fitness and get rid of the guilt of over-indulging. Here are a few of my favourite ideas; the ones that I feel won’t really seem like a chore at all!

A woman swimming in the sea on holiday

1. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Go on, take some inspiration from Dory and head out for a swim. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a private villa or hotel with a pool, then this will be an easy form of exercise that you’re sure to enjoy. Alternatively, head to the beach and go for a little swim.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for your body as it works so many different muscle groups – plus, it’ll help to cool you down in the hot summer heat! Set yourself a target of a certain distance or amount of lengths a day and make sure you stick to it. On my last holiday to Italy, I challenged myself to do 25 lengths a day (I’m not much of a swimmer) but I definitely felt my ability improve just in one short week!

A woman doing yoga on holiday

2. Strike a yoga pose

You’re off on holiday for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, so why not try and incorporate a yoga session into your break? This can be done almost anywhere; from the grass and sand to the floor of your holiday home and you can do it without any equipment at all! Take a look at YouTube for some inspiration or find a video that you can download and take away with you. Just 20 minutes of yoga will help to relax your body, as well as giving it a workout; it’s a perfect way to start the day!

A woman trying out surfing on holiday

3. Watersports for all

If you’re staying near a beach, then you’re likely to find some kind of watersports from surfing and SUP boarding to kayaking, and these all offer a fantastic (and fun) workout! Another option is to go snorkelling, this barely even feels like exercise, but as you’re swimming with the resistance of the water, it still counts!

If you’ve never tried watersports before, then this is a perfect opportunity to take the plunge, and many resorts offer lessons for a low price. Get your adrenaline running and test out your skills; you’ll likely work muscles you never knew you had and increase your fitness levels in the meantime. Who knows, you might even find your new favourite hobby?

A woman walking on the sand by the sea

4. These shoes were made for walking (well, my flipflops were)

I always find that on holiday I walk far further then I would in an average day – and this too counts towards your exercise! Walking along tricky terrains such as up hills, on mountains and even in the sand dunes all make your muscles work harder than usual and give you somewhat of a workout; walking up an incline can burn up to 50% more calories! You can see the sights along the way, stop off for refreshments and enjoy a spot of sunbathing, all the while hitting your step-count targets.

Whilst on your walk you’ll be soaking up the benefits of vitamin D (so don’t forget your suncream) and the happy hormones that are released when you’re in nature. Walking is the simplest way to exercise while you’re away and will encourage you to go out and explore more of what’s on offer!

A group of women playing tennis

5. Local sport spots

If you’re staying in a town, village or city, there are likely to be some leisure facilities around that you can enjoy. When we visited the south of France, we headed to Cannes Golf Course for a round, which I surprisingly enjoyed! Many resorts also have tennis or badminton courts, another fantastic form of exercise that you can enjoy in the sunshine! Tennis works several muscle groups, mainly in the arms and legs and maybe one day you’ll be the next Serena Williams or Andy Murray!

Dance lessons are also a hilarious experience; we visited a salsa class in Greece, and at the end, I nearly had a six-pack just from laughing so much! It’s definitely worth checking out if there are any local dance classes, they usually cost next to nothing, and you get the chance to immerse yourself with the locals and have a fab time all around!

Top tips:

– Stay hydrated. This is especially important in warmer climates, as your body will lose water far quicker. So, make sure you never leave without a handy bottle of water and keep topping up throughout the day.
– Sleep well. Getting some rest helps your body to repair and is a vital part of any workout. If you’re heading out for late nights for the majority of your holiday, try to break it up with a night of quality sleep every now and then.
– Eat well! If you’re on holiday and you want to treat yourself, then do it, because you deserve it. However, it’s good to be conscious of what you’re consuming. If you’re craving a sweet treat, fresh fruits are a wonderful source of sugary goodness, and those you find in local markets abroad tend to be far more delicious than the ones you find at home! Check out this post on The Sport Fort about the healthiness of sugars in fruit to learn more.
P.s. He’s got some fab fitness tips too!
– Enjoy yourself! Good on you for trying to keep up your fitness while you’re away, but don’t let it rule (or ruin) your holiday. If there comes a day or two where you just don’t feel like it, then give your workout a miss and make the most of your time away!

Do you have any other tips for staying fit on holiday? I’d love to hear from you, so pop your thoughts in the comments or let me know via social media!

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