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Planning my 2018 travel with a map and my macbook

My 2018 Travel Plans

This month so far has absolutely flown by; I had my last hand-in for the first semester of my final year on January 8th and now am starting my literature review for my dissertation – STRESS. Paired with the fact I’m working full-time for the month, the days seem to pass in the blink of an eye. To bring a little positivity to this busy period, I’ve started planning my holidays for the year and am getting incredibly excited for uni to be over and to enjoy a bit of well-earned R&R. Although none of these are set in stone or booked yet, here are a few of the places I’m hoping to visit in 2018!

Disneyland Paris at night with fireworks

Disneyland Paris

I’ve wanted to visit Disneyland since I was a child, as most people have. However, I’ve never had the chance, but a little discussion in the car with my other half sparked the idea that we might take a short trip to Disneyland this year! EEK! I’ve heard so many amazing things about the parks, and that it’s just as fun for the adults as it is for the children. I love Paris and am currently looking into whether it is better to stay in the Disneyland hotels or if being located slightly further away will offer a better experience. If you’ve got any tips on travel, what to do there or anything else Disney-related, I’d love to hear from you!

the sunset over the sea in Corsica, France

Corsica, France

The small mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica looks simply beautiful. With golden beaches, beautiful villas and dense forests, Corsica has a plethora of exciting things on offer, including some delicious food. I’ve had many recommendations to visit this island and have heard that it’s the perfect place for a relaxing retreat. I love to be by the sea, and the turquoise waters here look incredibly inviting (and VERY Instagrammable). There’s also plenty of walks and hikes through the mountains, and maybe we’ll find a few hidden Geocaches to add to the collection! I’m hoping to visit Corsica after my exams mid-end of June when the sun isn’t too hot and the tourist season isn’t quite in full swing!

 A view of the city and the beach in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

I’ve visited Barcelona a couple of times before, but I was only there for a short few hours waiting for a bus to La Fosca or heading to the airport. My friend has recently returned from Australia and was talking about how she wants to spend the summer taking short-breaks in Europe to get her travel fix without having to quit her job. I think this is a fab idea and was definitely keen to join her on a trip. We settled on Barcelona as neither of us has ever been there to explore the city fully, and so many people have told me it’s their favourite place to visit in Europe! There are so many places I’d like to visit, and I’m particularly interested to explore the local art scene, and the lush green parks! As a lover of tapas and Spanish food in general I cannot wait to over-indulge and drink some tisana this summer!

the Eiffel Tower at sunset in Paris, France

Paris, France

My last trip to Paris was a quick two-day, one night stay before we headed to Theoulé-sur-Mer in 2016, but just the short trip fuelled my love for the city. We visited the Louvre, ate French crepes at Midnight, enjoyed rose-shaped ice creams and walked for hours through the picturesque streets. We never made it to the Eiffel Tower, so I’d love to get a little closer on my next trip. I’ve heard that you can embark on a food tour of the city and this sounds like a perfect activity for my next trip. We’re hoping to stop off in Paris for a few days either on the way to Corsica or Theoulé-sur-Mer, and I can’t wait!

Views over the harbour in the south of France

Theoulé-sur-Mer, France

In September 2016, my partner and I took our first ever holiday together to the South of France, and it was probably one of the best trips of my life. We stayed in a stunning villa booked through Quality Villas, which had a hot tub, beautiful kitchen, and incredible views over the sea. The shops and restaurants were just a few minutes walk from the villa and places such as Cannes, Monaco and Antibes were just a short drive away too! You can read about my favourite places in the South of France here. We decided that we would visit the same villa again this year, La Cachette, as we had such a good time. I’m hoping to visit the perfumeries in Antibes on this trip and to visit Mougins, and then maybe I’ll hit the jackpot again in Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco!

Where are you planning to visit in 2018? I’d love to hear a from you in the comments or on social media!

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  1. We haven’t sorted out our travel plans for this year yet, but I do like the idea of going out of season if you can – it’s so much more peaceful and relaxing when there are fewer tourists around! Last year we spent a week in the south of France, near Cannes. The villa you found there sounds lovely!

  2. Totally jealous. I am assuming you are in the UK which makes all these possible! Have been to Barcelona and loved it. Paris not long enough have to go back. Sitting in Canada so no fast & easy trips to Europe but you have me thinking I need to plan my vacation for 2018. Hmm…. possibilities. Will be looking forward to reviews hopefully!

  3. Paris is on my list as well, my husband and I were going to go for our honeymoon. We ended up visiting Budapest and Prague instead. But Paris is on my bucket list! I would also want to visit Disneyland while in France!

    1. Thank you so much, it’s lovely to hear that people like my wee blog! My first draft of my lit review is complete (woo) so I’m about 1/3 of the way through. Can’t wait for it all to be over!!

  4. 100% on board with you going to Disneyland Paris/Paris in general! I’ve been a handful of times and had a blast every single time. I stayed in the hotels slightly further away, but they did offer a free shuttle bus to the park which made things a lot easier 🙂

    Corsica looks and sounds like a gorgeous place and definitely place I need to visit, wow!

    Barcelona is my favourite city aside from my own (London), so yes would DEFINITELY recommend you visit Barca.

    Loving your travel plans for this year ~ can’t wait to read about your adventures!

    1. Aw that sounds amazing!! Thanks for your comment!

      Corsica does look incredible, hoping to get that booked this month so that I have something to look forward to!

      I LOVE London too, I go there for work all the time so love to do a bit of sight-seeing on my trip. The sun of Barcelona though just sounds incredibly, can’t wait!

      Thanks so much for reading – I’m exciting for each and every one!!

  5. What a list huh? I wish you safe travels and hope you have immense fun out there. My plans are really impromptu so right now I have no idea about my plans. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

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